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  • David Hamer said More
    I used to go there most Friday nights in the 70's. i had a garage, 'Motorvation' at the top of New... 12 hours ago.
  • M said More
    Hi again caitlin still no reply from you  please reply about mike. What about Bill and Tony this... 16 hours ago.
  • Terry Snowden said More
    51 years ago today, 27th February 1973, Slade performed at The #Hardrock in #Stretford #Manchester.... 2 days ago.
  • Garry Cassidy said More
    As a Cadishead boy I remember this band so well. I once gave Stuart a lift home from Irlam station,... 2 days ago.
  • paul webmaster said More
    Hi Peter, their adverts state 37 John Dalton St - so the address is ok.
    I believe Rare Records was... 2 days ago.
  • Geoff Peacock said More
    Hi Gus,

    If it's info you want, I've just written the 'Official' Saracens biography - with nothing... 3 days ago.
  • Neil Heaton said More
    I went to see Showaddywaddy, then felt like crap at Grange School the following day. I was 16. Lovely time. ❤️ 3 days ago.
  • Malcolm Bolan said More
    Malcolm BolanDave Cotterill quote: wrote:
    Fantastic nights I worked there in the 70s along with Sid Stewart George John little and Graham...
    3 days ago.
  • Michael Silbermann said More
    When did Stan Preston leave the club? I remember so many big names at this club Stan introduced me... 3 days ago.
  • Paul Bradshaw said More
    Hi Mike.  It wasn't The Beach Boys, they were already too big to play a club.  It was a group... 3 days ago.
  • Nathaniel hughes said More
    Hi Geoff Parkinson, nice to hear from you.  You can find me on Facebook, my wife’s account, Charmaine Hughes 4 days ago.
  • Jean bowyer said More
    Where is Dave degg now I heard Barbados!
    5 days ago.

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