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The kit I bought was the Premier 54 in black mother of pearl. Price £153 16s 6d.

The payments were £5 a month and I was earning £5 a week at the time as an apprentice.

I put a pound a week away and borrowed a pound every month off my parents, on the condition I would pay them back when I was famous...... They never
did the money back.

The cheapest kit in the catalogue was the Premier 52 which would set you back £97 2s 6d.

For that you lost a tom tom and a cymbal but got the
woman who could pull off those totally natural poses.

The pearl finishes were OK but the Glitters looked like Danny La Rue’s shoes and the Mahogany was like Blue Peter’s sticky back plastic.

Danny Hardman

Pictured below is the front cover of the 1965 Premier catalogue, as you can see it was from Mameloks on Oxford Road. That’s where I bought my drums. On the back is a picture of Eric Delaney who was one of the top big band drummers at the time.


 Premier 54


Premier 52 


"In 2003 I saw him in a one-man show in Benidorm and the guy is still amazing. He must be clocking seventy if he’s a day and he looks better now than I did when I was seventeen."

"He's now 81 (2005) so when he was seen in Benidorm in 2003 he would have been 79. He's still there, incidentally, and still plugging away (apart from when he's over here playing with the RAF Squadronaires).

He still uses the timps seen in that publicity shot when he plays in England - although, after forty years, they're held together by Hammerite and gaffer tape... "

Eric Delaney in 1965

Eric Delaney in 2003


I bought my Premier 54 in black pearl (didn't we all choose the black pearl Premier?) in 1963. I have used it regularly since even this week (July 14 2009). Needed two new skins and cymbals but the drums and stands are the originals.

Anybody out there still using their original 60s kit?

The original cases have also serviced (just!). Oh yes, my snare was second hand in 1963.

Paul Morris - 14/7/09

Played on the same bill as Eric Delaney around '64/65 I think at The Domino. He is playing at Horwich RMI club tomorrow 4th March. He is planning to celebrate his 87th. birthday on May 14th with the 18 strong Northern Jazz Orchestra with another concert.

What a fantastic achievment. I think that is a classic case of use it or lose it.

Graham Wray - 12/3/11


Just cleaned up my 1964 Ludwig Champagne Sparkle and thought you might like to add it to the gear page (one for the anoraks).

I took this kit all over the place, including the Star Club Hamburg. I don't use it but can't bear to part with it...sentimental old fool.

Peter Simensky - 7/10/12








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