2J's Jazz Club (Manchester)

The 2J's Jazz Club was at 45-47 Lloyd Street off Albert Square, Manchester 2 and opened on Friday, July 15, 1960 with Jazz drummer Ray Ellington (1916 - 1985) supported by Dave Wilson and his Dixieland Band.

This legendary venue was the conversion of an old textile warehouse on the corner of Lloyd Street and Albert Square and its policy only extended to Jazz. The warehouse had been converted into a coffee bar in 1958. The club was opposite the Manchester Town Hall, 20 Albert Square, Manchester.

The owners were Jack Johnson, the owner of The Mogambo Coffee Bar, 73 Mosley Street, Manchester 2 and John Collier, a local builder who opened The 2J's. The clubs name came from Johnson and Collier (The Two J's).

The club's DJ was Roy Leigh who had Roy Leigh's Record Round-Up. 

On Monday, August 8 to Tuesday, August 9, 1960, Jive To Jazz started at the club from 12pm to 2am.

In August 1960 Jackson decided to use local pop acts to attract a bigger audience. His first pop booking was the group Johnny Martin and the Paiges, who made their début gig on Tuesday, October 4, 1960. A few days later Jackson put on the club's first all-nighter in October 1960.

Two future Hollies Graham Nash (b. 1942) and Allan Clarke (b. 1942) appeared here in both The Two Teens and The Fourtones.

On Sunday, October 9 to Monday, October 10, 1960 the club I think played the first all-nighter with The Dizzy Burton Jazz Aces, The John Bridgewood Superior Jazz Band, The John Rubin Trio and The Louis Armstrong Record Session, 12.45am - 7pm.

The club lasted only a year till 1961 when Johnson and Collier sold it to three businessmen John Orr, Rick Dixon (b. Richard Dixon) and Hugh Goodwin and so The Oasis Club was born. It was opened on Saturday, November 4, 1961 with Dick Charlesworth and his City Gents with Jackie Lynn by the three guys and Tony Stuart (b. Anthony Stuart).

Much later it became Sloopies which opened on Saturday, October 28, 1967 with Life 'N' Soul, Waterboard and Bujjies this band's début gig. 


John T. Warburg. 4 January 2022
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