Cabaret Club (Burnley)

The Cabaret Club opened on Monday, January 12, 1920 as The Coliseum with 'Beyond The Pail' and 'Studio Girl.'
The Coliseum Cinema seated 850 in the stalls and circle levels. The Kinematography Year book for 1927 gave the owners of the cinema as the Coliseum Company.
The last film programme in December 1930 was a silent film and talkies came along in January 1931 with an RCA sound system that received a favourable report in the local paper a few weeks later. Around 1935 the New Empire (Burnley) Ltd., based at The Empire Cinema in St. James Street, Burnley acquired the Coliseum Cinema, but the Kinematopgraphy Year book for 1936 reported that Leonard Wainwright was the proprietor. This changed in to Harold Wood of 6 Brown Street, Manchester in the Kinematopgraphy Year book for 1937. The sound system changed from RCA in the Kinematopgrapy Year book of 1949 and to British Thomson Houston (BTH) in the Kinematopgraphy Year book for 1950.
Ownership changed to Coliseum Cinema (Rosegrove) Ltd in the Kinematopgrapy Year book of 1954, but the address was still at 6 Brown Street, Manchester, which was the head office of the H. Ward Cinema Circuit. By the Kinematography Year book for 1957, CinemaScope had arrived on a screen measuring 22 feet (6.2 meters) by 12 feet (3.6 meters).
The Coliseum Cinema closed in ca. 1959 and was converted into The Empire Cabaret Club that opened on Monday, November 27, 1961 at 7.30pm , and it attracted not only many famous stars, but soon to be stars onto its stage.


John H. Warburg September 2022

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