Boneyard (Bolton)

The Boneyard was at 21-23 Manchester Road, Bolton, Lancashire and was near Bolton Station and opened in 1964 with The Toggery Five and The Dave Plum Stones.

 It was owned by Terry Edwards (b. Terence Edwards).

It had started out as The Caroline Lounge and the place was perhaps inspired by the success of Radio Caroline that had started in 1964 and was named after the famous pirate radio ship. It was nicknamed The Boneyard and the name stuck. 

The Boneyard had two rooms, a larger room where people sat on the floor and a smaller room that had coffins for tables. 

The Boneyard was very popular especially on Sunday afternoons following an all-nighter at the famous Twisted Wheel Club which was at 30 Brazennose Street off Albert Square, Manchester 2.

The Boneyard also had all-night session from 12pm to 8am.

They had two D. J. in Jimmy Savile (b. James Wilson Vincent Savile, Sunday, October 31, 1926, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England d. Saturday, October 29, 2011, Roundhay, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England) and Ugli Ray Teret (b. Raymond Teret, Friday, October 24, 1941, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England). Teret had begun work as a warehouse clerk, apprentice heating engineer and then a waiter at The Ritz Ballroom, Whitworth Street South, Manchester 1 built in 1927. In the early 60's he met D.J. Jimmy Savile after winning the Savile-run singing contest at The Palace Theatre, Oxford Street, Manchester 1. The two men later shared a flat in Great Clowers Street, Broughton, Salford, Lancashire, with Teret becoming Savile's support DJ, assistant and chauffeur. In 1965 he joined Radio Caroline North till 1966.

 The Babes ​used to play here and in ca. 1965 it seems the group included Barry 'Taz' Reynolds on lead guitar (b. Thursday, October 27, 1949, Bolton, Lancashire, England). He had earlier been in The Three Jets (1961 - 1965).


John H. Warburg. 24 May 2022

This was a club in Bolton, Ray Teret the dj, great music. I remember they had coffins as tables.

Tinalee - 6/5/12

I worked on the door from the beginning till the end. As I recall the owner was Terry Allan, and his wife Pauline, could be wrong about the surname. For me, the most memorable night was when "The Pretty Things" played there, Viv Prince on drums was amazing, I had my back up against his bass drum at the front of stage to stop it falling off, the crowd was going wild in front of me, he was lathered in sweat, so was I.

On another occasion Jimmy Savile was booked, he came up the fire escape at the back with his agent, he wouldn't show his face until he was paid £100 I recall, the record deck was in a church pew. At the time I believe he lived in a caravan towed behind his car.

Donovan was booked cheap, then hit the charts and pulled out.

Not much more to report except my fellow doorman was Morris Epilet, a rare Asian doorman, from Halliwell who continued n the security game for many years after.

Jack Stokes - 19/7/12

I had friends in a group called ' The Babes' , they often played at the Boneyard, copied the Spencer Davies group a bit. the bass player was called Bob, he was a draughtsman at Bolton Gate Co. His family had a bit of money and I heard my first stereo record at his house (Sgnt. Peppers).

Nigel Taylor - 17/12/12

I preferred the "Beachcomber" to the "Boneyard", better atmosphere all round (and there were more rooms + more going on at the fantastic "Beachcomber") I had a small coffin made from a piece of mahogany and had it hanging around my neck on some chrome chain (I pinched from work) to match the tables you sat at which were coffins, this did not go down very well with the Tommy Cooper dressed doorman when the "Boneyard" changed ownership and became the "Caroline Lounge" I was told to remove it or I would not be let in- Charming! I will always remember, I think it was "Woods Music shop" which was underneath the "Boneyard...Good old days, wish I could relive them!

Dave Evans - 21/9/13


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