The Majestic - Accrington Con Club

This is a recent picture (in the gallery) of a very well known venue in the 60s which was then called THE MAJESTIC (Accrington Con Club) which was on Saturday and Monday nights. 
Nowadays they still have bands but its called Churchills.

I can't remember what bands were on definitely but I know Richard Kent Style was on and lots of other Manchester Bands.

Bryan Yorke

The Majestic Ballroom was in Cannon Street, Accrington, Lancashire. The Majestic Ballroom was also known as The Accy Con.

The resident group was Eddie McGarry and his Band. 

The colossal Grade II-listed building (1890 - 1891) was designed by architects William James Morley (1847 - 1930) and George Herbert Woodhouse Jnr. (1863 - 1925). It was the largest Conservative club in the country and was financed by the local textile machinery millionaire John Bullough (ca. 1837 - 1891) and had offices, a billiards room, a lecture hall and a large assembly hall named in honour of its benefactor the Bullough Room.

John H. Warburg -  August 2022

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