Rhythm House - 22 Middle Hillgate, Stockport

Anyone remember the "Rhythm House" Stockport?

Owned by Jack Anderson, (who had a big band resident at the Mersey Hotel for years), and managed by Graham King, a great drummer, who was resident at the Domino, and many other venues.

The original shop was near to the site of the Stockport air disaster of 1967, when 80 people died. The plane crashed just behind Strawberry Studios, on Waterloo Road, Middle Hillgate. The shop then moved accross the road, and remained there for many years.

When Jack Anderson retired, Graham Stuart bought the business, and did very well.

I remember Kevin Godley coming in one day whilst I was looking after the shop for Graham, and buying a crappy battery operated box, that made poxy drum type sounds, this was used for the intro on "Rubber Bullets".

Happy days!!! It was £7.50.

Rob Parkes - 14/2/09

In the late 80s & early 90s, I think Eric Haydock had some kind of deal/input to the shop. A greating from Eric when you entered the premises was always an occasion, nowt to do with sales or busines. More important questions i.e. " Will you be partaking in the liquid this evening?" 

Then occasional visits from Dodgy Bob Murdoch, from Yorshire, with exotic guitars, guest appearances from the eccentric Dixie Kidd from Yorkshire with proper Yorkshire accent, flogging all sorts of bits, amps, strings, straps, leads plectums. blackpuddings!!

I have more memories ...

Fuzz - 6/2/10

I got ripped off by the Rhythm House in Stockport. When I was a young lad of 16 in 1976 I bought a Fender Strat from them and was told that it was a 1958 model.

Since the invention of the internet I've found out that it was actually made in 1964. Doesn't bother me though, it's now worth a lot more than I paid for it all them years ago!!


Aha Rhythm House!!!,,,great shop..loved the drum cellar..always had in original kits ...luddy sparkels...remember seeing one of the early perspex kits in orange...i was always sent to the barbers over the road to get my hair cut by a Gerry Rafferty look alike...then popped over the road..before me dad picked me up...

Remember seeing The Smiths, Housemartins, New Order....and others...god bless Strawberry...and Mr Hannett...I still have a Gordon Smith with the R'House sticker on the back of the Headstock!

Moogie - 10/9/10

I had the absolute pleasure of working at the Rhythm House on and off around 89 - 92, great shop, crammed with characters, both customers and staff. Best job I ever had, working for Eric was a privilege, (by god he loved to hoover that place!)

I was sad to see the old shop go from the top of Hillgate when it moved down towards the brewery. The walk to the Red Bull after work was never the same! Eric eventually let me go one Saturday because I was late one too many times, one of many life lessons from Eric that have served me well ever since. One of my most valuable possessions is a guitar I bought from there at the time, not for the guitar itself, but the sticker on the back of the headstock.

Craig - 14/10/10

And the beat goes on ...

I just bought an old Japanese Precision bass copy. The brand is Fresher. On the back of the neck below tuners is a sticker Rhythm House Music Center, 22 Middle Hillgate, Stockport. Tel.0614807371. The bass is now in Finland. 

Pekka Kivinen - 6/2/12

I just bought a "1961 Hofner Colorama I" from gumtree which was located in Lancashire.

I bought it for a side project 50-60s cover band up in Glasgow where I portray John Lennon full time in a tribute band called Them Beatles. I was actually learning The Hollies' version of Fortune Teller when I decided to try and find out some information about the shop where it was from. On the headstock is a sticker that shows:


I was pleasantly surprised then to read that Eric Haydock was once involved in the running of the shop. I've attached some pictures in a separate email. Great site! Nice to see that the beat goes on...

Best regards, Clark ~ Them Beatles

I remember purchasing my Gibson Les Paul 1954 Custom from the New Rhythm House 22 Middle Hillgate in 1975. I traded a Fender Stratocaster in to be able to raise the purchase price of £395.00.

I got £100.00 part exchange for the Fender and spent a further £12.00 pounds on insurance.

I've still got my Gibson and remember playing around the working mens clubs and pubs around Manchester. I've attached the receipts I got on the day. Hope this might be of some interest.

Alan Coverley - 7/12/14 


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