Kurtis Menswear (Fountain Street)

Kurtis Menswear was the first young man's gents outfitters to bring youth fashion to Manchester. Situated on Fountain Street and High Street they sold Hipsters, Wranglers, Levi, slacks and jeans. They also sold pin through and round collar shirts. I could go on and on having completed almost 20 years with the company.

Jimmy Savile brought gifts from America that he had received from Elvis Presley which we displayed in our windows.

George Best purchased his first leather jacket from me which started his interest in modern mens fashion. He went on to be a fashion icon himself!

Did you send the above article or other Kurtis stuff? Sorry, lost the other info - apologies, can you please resend?

I worked in the Fountain St. shop mid to late 60s. Workmate of mine at the time was Pete Whetton, ( Pete McClaine and Clan) lots of muso's around, Solomon King, Kevin Godley, Lol Creme, The Hollies, Graham Goldman. Business was owned by the Schneck family. Howard Schneck (the son) worked in the business, He had a sister but I can't recall her name.

Would love to know what became of them and any of the other folk who worked there about that time.

Great Days. 

Jim Preston - 29/7/12



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