Halon (Newport Street, Bolton)

Hi to all you teens and men I dressed when working as a Saturday girl at HALON Menswear in Bolton, Newport Street at the end of the sixties /early seventies.

Ben Sherman short sleeved button-down collars in Oxford cloth or check was the thing for Mods along with tonic/two-tone parallel trousers,Harrington zip bomber jackets and Crombie navy or black overcoats. We also sold you braces, pocket handkerchiefs and Levi jeans.

We progressed to Black shirts with white ties, slotted seam flares in burgundy, matching patterned shirts and ties, penny collars, big collars, garish kipper ties, wide lapel suits and of course flared trousers!

Sorry guys I was probably responsible for your photos that your kids/grandkids laugh at! But hell I had fun doing it.

What was I wearing? Well I was into Biba, vintage, Chelsea Girl, Minis, Midis Maxis and Hot Pants. I never went out without full make up and of course thick black false eyelashes.

Halon was owned by a trio of Manchester Jewish brothers all known as Mr so and so but I can't recall their actual names. When they came with the new stock on Saturday mornings we unloaded it and had sold most of it by the Saturday night. At the end of Saturday I got my cash wages, caught the bus home got ready to go out and then danced the night away. Fab times and I went on to work as a Fashion Designer and I now lecture in the subject.

Dee Parker - 22/6/13


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