Wayne Fontana and The Boys/Opposition

  • Wayne Fontana - Vocals
  • Frank Renshaw - Lead Guitar
  • Stuart Sirett - Bass
  • Bernie Burns - Drums
  • Mike Parkes - Keyboards
  • ”I joined Wayne Fontana in late 1965. Wayne was my ‘Best Man' at my wedding, and two days later we left to do Wayne's first solo gig as ‘Wayne Fontana And The Boys' on a nationwide tour with Herman's Hermits and The Fortunes. We soon changed the name to ‘The Opposition', though. The line-up was me, Bernie Burns on drums, Stuart Sirett on bass and Mike Parkes playing keyboards.”

    Frank Renshaw, Toggery Five

    Wayne Fontana's Opposition #2

    • Wayne Fontana  - Vocals
    • John Kelman - Lead Guitar
    • Stuart Siett - Bass
    • Phil Keene - Drums

    Wayne Fontana's Opposition #3

    • Wayne Fontana - Vocals
    • John Kelman - Lead Guitar
    • Roy Henshall - Bass
    • Phil Keene - Drums

    Wayne Fontana's Opposition #4

    • Wayne Fontana - Vocals
    • Rod Gerrard - Lead Guitar
    • Roy Henshall - Bass
    • Phil Keene - Drums

    Wayne Fontana's Opposition #5

    • Wayne Fontana - Vocals
    • Dave Lowarch - Lead Guitar
    • Roy Henshall - Bass
    • Burnie Burns - Drums 

    Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders #6

    • Wayne Fontana - vocals
    • Kenny Anders   
    • Neil Reading      
    • John Carter       
    • Kevin Wood   

    Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders #7

    • Wayne Fontana - vocals
    • Dave Lowarch 
    • Jess Smith 
    • Kenny Anders 
    • Kevin Wood  
    • Neil Reading  


    • 1965 She Needs Love/ Like I Did
    • 1965 It Was Easier To Hurt Her/ You Made Me What I Am Today
    • 1966 Come On Home/My Eyes Break Out In Tears
    • 1966 Goodbye Bluebird/The Sun's So Hot Today
    • 1966 Pamela Pamela/Something Keeps Calling Me Back
    • 1967 24 Sycamore/From A Boy To A Man
    • 1967 In My World/The Impossible Years
    • 1967 Gina/We All Love The Human Race
    • 1968 Storybook Children/I Need To Love You
    • 1968 Words Of Bartholemew/Mind Excursion
    • 1968 Never An Everyday Thing/Waiting For A Break In The Clouds
    • 1969 Dayton Ohio 1903/Say Goodbye To Yesterday
    • 1969 We're Building A Love/Charlie Cass  


    Wow! My cousin Pete Norrey led me to this site and it's great to see. I've recently been reading my diaries from those days and was wondering what Niel, John and Ken were up to now, not forgetting Wayne and his ex (my best buddy at the time) Linda. Hell I tell you guys, if I could publish my diaries from those fantastic day's... well I'll leave it to your imagination.

    Best of luck to all and it's good to see you're still up and running Mr Bannana.

    Me... well, I worked all over Europe and Asia. I've lived in Asia since 1985 I've been living in Bangkok, Thailand for the last twenty years, I'm married to a respectable Thai girl (15 years) and I was the manager of a music bar for 14 years as well as a Radio DJ, freelance, writer, voice over talent and actor.

    I'm still singing in my band Wildside and you can check out my web page on youtube (Kevin Wood, Bangkok)

    Health and Happiness to you and your's

    Kevin Wood, Rhythm guitar/vocals - 19/1/13

    I remember well in the 60's when I was presenting 'Roundabout" and 'Saturday Roundabout"on BBC Radio 2. The show came off in summer at which time I drove across to the continent to be the "Summer Relief" on Radio Luxembourg 208.  Later transferring to news and "Outlook" on BBC World Service)

    Wayne came across to the Grand Duchy with the editor and others from the magazine, "Fabulous". I still have the copy of the mag featuring Wayne, myself and other jocks running around Luxy, going into the caverns and so on.

    He and I spent a fun evening together. All this came back tonight as I watched him on "The British Beat" introduced by Petula Clark (Who appeared on my WS Programme!) on US PBS tonight. Lots of musical memories....

    Colin Hamilton - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - 27/67/13

    Wayne always was a born star and a real class act even when drunk, a great natural R&B singer and front man and probably one of the funniest guys I EVER worked with, after he and the Mind Benders split he had several pick-up bands and musicians but eventually he hired Frank Renshawe a fantastic singer and very powerful rythm guitar player with his beautiful Gibson 335 he filled out the sound completely , with me on Bass (I wasn't that good).

    And Phil **** (sorry I forgot his surname) who was also a really great singer and pretty solid drummer but was a really good musician) his home made recordings sounded great.

    Ron Walker - 5/8/13
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    • The Hall 1963
    • Glyn Ellis and The Jets 1960
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