Vampires aka The Ranchers (Salford)


  • John Brennan
  • Dave Webb 
  • Joe McCabe
  • Dot Smith - guitar
  • Kenny Smith 

We had a skiffle group in Salford called the Vampires, in the early 60s, in the group was John Brennan, later, The Chapters, and the Ivy League, Dave Webb - St Louis Union.

We played every Saturday at the Broadway cinema in Eccles. We lived in the same street, Parkfield in Weaste Salford. Dot Smith and Kenny Smith were also in the group (not related but also in the same street).

It was unusual in those days to have a female guitarist - Dot Smith(DOROTHY) we won a competition and the prize was making a record. 

The organisers said we could not be called The Vampires on the record, and we had 5 minutes to change our name, which we did, to The Ranchers.

This is a true story and may be hard for you to believe today!

An added thought...memory.   In the same street of only 14 houses lived Mike Sweeney of the Salford Jets, now a DJ.

Joe McCabe - 26/9/11





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