Paul Fenda and The Teenbeats (Wythenshawe)

1962 - 63


  • Paul Young - vocals
  • Bryan Sharp - rhythm
  • Jim Farrington - rhythm/bass and harmonica
  • Dave Burns (Alan Bonynge) - lead
  • Chris Bowden - drums and Manager with Ken Farringdon

I am looking for any surviving members of Paul Fenda and the Teen Beats. Paul, (Paul Young) died some years ago but wondered if any other members are still around, Jim Farrington, Dave Burns (Alan Bonynge) and Brian Sharpe.

Chris Bowden - 11/811

Bryan Sharp died in 1989, I'im not sure about the others.

Richard Sharp - 15/12/11

The Bee Hive Swinton turned out to be one of the most unlucky venues we played at when I was drummer with Paul Fenda and the Teenbeats.

On the first occasion our lead guitarist Dave Burns (Alan Bonynge) took the mike from Paul Fenda (Paul Young) whilst still holding his guitar. the resulting short circuit plunged the stage into darkness and we ended in Swinton Hospital pushing Dave on a trolley to A & E

Our second attempt at the Beehive resulted in the loss of most of my drum kit in the Manchester Ship Canal. Our roadie, Terry Webb, used to load my kit on the roof rack of his Standard Vanguard without straps. The flyover the canal on the then M62 was high and windy with the inevitable result. I dont know how much the court fined Terry but the loss of the drums cost me a fortune in those days.

Chris Bowden - 27/12/11

Re Strangeways Prison - Paul Fenda and the Teenbeats also played this gig to an appreciative audition. Paul (Paul Yong) was a bit of a joker and he deliberately loosened the screw on his Shure microphone. When on stage the head flopped forward and Paul apologised to the audience saying "it wont take long to fix this screw" ..............loud cheers!!!

Then proceeded to announce the next three songs " JailHouse Rock, Jailer bring me water and dont fence me in."

Yes a very appreciative audience indeed.

Chris Bowden - 5/1/12

I saw the article on the "Beehive" in Swinton and noted Chris Bowden's name.

I had been playing bass guitar in a group, I think they were called "The Polecats, and one of our members was Pete Dudley who lived on Fouracres Road in Newall Green and had played with "The JB4".

One of the "Teenbeats" lived on this road and so I got to know them. They were excellent and won talent competions because they did a well-presented version of "The Peppermint Twist". They didn't have a bass player at that time and I was asked by Paul if I was interested in leaving my group and joining them. Before I could say "yes" I was tempted by "Bobby Laine & The Confederates" who had a very impressive datesheet and I joined them.

"P.F. & The Teenbeats" remain still one of my favourite groups. 

Alan Jackson - 15/5/12





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