Jaguars (Bury)

Line-up included:

  • Steve Costello - lead guitar (1963 - ) 
  • John Hemmingway - rhythm guitar (1963 - ) 
  • Derek Holt - bass (1963 - ) 
  • Ian Russell Wallace - drums, lead vocals (1963 - Feb 1964) 
  • ? drums (Feb 1964 - ) 

The Jaguars formed in 1963 with a line-up of Steve Costello on lead guitar (b. c. 1946), John Hemmingway on rhythm guitar (b. c. 1946), Derek Holt on bass (b. c. 1946) and 17-year-old Ian Wallace on drums, lead vocals (b. Ian Russell Wallace, Sunday, September 29, 1946, 107 Manchester Road, Bury, Lancashire, England d. Thursday, February 22, 2007, Los Angeles, Los Aneles County, southern California, USA of esophageal cancer).

The four-piece band was made up of school friend's at Bury Grammar School, Tenterden Street, Bury.

The Jaguars début gig was on a Wednesday in 1963 at The Oasis Club, 45-47 Lloyd Street off Albert Square, Manchester, 2, Lancashire, England. The club's manager Pauline Clegg (b. Thursday, October 26, 1939) said afterwards the group was great but the vocals were diabolical.

The group was quite successful locally playing at The Bury Palais, Garden Street, Bury, Lancashire.

In 1964 they recorded one single for Decca. Later Wallace became a clerk in the NHS and he left that job to became a full- time musician when he joined his first pro band The Warriors in February 1964 replacing their drummer Derek Thornhill (b. 1946, Accrington, Lancashire, England). He joined this group just after they had been signed by Decca Records.

It seems The Jaguars carried on without Wallace I guess with a new drummer. This Jaguars had nothing to do with The Jaguars from Stockport, Cheshire and another Jaguars (1961 - 1964) who released a single in 1963.

Some Jaguars concerts:

  • Wednesday, 1963: The Oasis Club, 45-47 Lloyd Street off Albert Square, Manchester 2, Lancashire, England The Jaguars début gig was at this famous Manchester club. 
  • Bury Palais, Garden Street, Bury, Lancashire, England Saturday, October 19, 1963: 
  • The Beachcomber Club, 303 Eaves Lane, Chorley, Lancashire, England Advertised in The Lancashire Evening News as The Beachcomber Presents Embassy Recording Stars The Jaguars Bury's Leading Group Saturday, October, Oct, 19th Members ............ 3/- Guests ............... 4/-.

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