The Dooleys

Pushing it a bit with this group but worth noting their Manchester area connections.

There were two Manchester lads - Alan Bogan (drums) from Shaw near Oldham and Bob Walsh (bass) from Wythenshawe. 

The group all came up from Ilford, London. The opposite direction to most other groups looking for fame and fortune! All members of the same very talented family, they made Manchester their home for many years.

Two of the brothers, Frank and John still live and work here in the Manchester area but Jim and his wife Brenda, plus sister Kathy went back south. Sister Anne married Bob Walsh and moved with sister Helen to live in South Africa where today they still perform in a group called 'Shiraz'.

The Dooleys were a very successful group who based themselves in Manchester with two Mancunian lads, and I believe this fact should not go un-noticed here on Manchester Beat.

I for one give my thanks and appreciation for everything they did. 

Ian McNab

The Dooleys were a fantastic recording and show band of the 60s and 70s.  Based originally in Ilford they moved to Worsley Manchester in the 1970s. 

If you go on wikkipedia there is a full history and pics are abundant on Google images. 

Rick Henshaw - 30/6/13


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