The Dominoes (Leigh/Wigan)


  • Kenny Fillingham - guitar 
  • Eric Eastham - drums
  • Johnny Hocky - vocals 
  • Clive Powell (Georgie Fame) - piano 
  • Ronnie Carr - bass

We originally started out as the Dominoes skiffle group in 57/58. By late 58 we were organised quite well. We used to go down the Bodega in Cross St to watch Paul Beattie, he was really top man at the time, together with Karl Denver.

Paul got us our first gig at the Bodega and also the El-Rio in Macclesfield,witch helped us a lot and things took of and we changed our style to a more rocky type music.

We later changed our name to the Beat Boys.

The Dominoes Skiffle Group Line-up #1

  • Ronnie Carr guitar - lead vocals
  • Derek Whittle - guitar 
  • Frank Hindley - guitar 
  • Billy Jones - tea-chest bass
  • Johnny Blaine - drums 

The Dominoes Skiffle Group Line-up #2

  • Ronnie Carr - bass
  • Kenny Fillingham - lead guitar
  • Tony Allen (Johnny Hodgkinson) - lead vocals 
  • Eric Eastman - drums 
  • Clive Powell (Georgie Fame) - piano

The Dominoes formed in 1956 with a line-up of Ronnie Carr on guitar, lead vocals (b. Ronald Carr, 1937, 150 Holden Road, Leigh, Lancashire, UK), Derek Whittle on guitar, Frank Hindley on guitar, Billy Jones on tea-chest bass (b. William Jones) and Johnny Blaine drums (b. John Blaine). 

A later line-up saw Carr now on bass, Fillingham on lead guitar, Tony Allen on lead vocals (b. John Hodginson), Eric Eastman on drums and Clive Powell (Georgie Fame) on piano (b. Saturday, June 26, 1943, Leigh, Lancashire, UK). 

Powell had piano lessons from the age of 7 in 1950 and left Leigh Country Secondary School at 15 in 1958 and followed the family tradition and started working as an apprentice cotton weaver in one of the many local mills. In 1958 he joined The Dominoes playing piano for them in the evenings in various pubs. In 1959 he played with The Dominoes at The Casino Ballroom in Leigh. 

In July 1959 Powell took part in a singing contest at The Butlins Holiday Camp in Pwllheil, Gwynedd, North Wales, where he was spotted by rock 'n' roll band leader Rory Blackwell (b. Thursday, June 22, 1933, Battersea, South West London, UK) and offered a full time job in his band The Blackjacks, which meant Powell left his job in the weaving mill. 

Powell went with Rory Blackwell and the Blackjacks to London and found a place to live in, at The Essex Arms Pub in The Docklands, East London. The Landlord kindly provided him with a room where he could sleep. 

In October 1959 while The Marty Wilde Show was playing at The Lewisham Gaumont, in Lewisham, South East London, Blackwell arranged for Powell to have an audition to play live for famous impresario Larry Parnes (b. Laurence Maurice Parnes, Tuesday, September 3, 1929, Willesden, North West London, UK d. Friday, August 4, 1989, London, UK). Without a rehearsal he sang Jerry Lee Lewis' ''High School Confidential'' and was promptly hired as a backing pianist for Parnes stable of singers, such as Billy Fury (b. Ronald William Wynchley, April 17, 1940, Smithdown Hospital, Liverpool, Lancashire, UK d. January 28, 1983, St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, West London, UK) and Johnny Gentle (b. John Askew, December 8, 1936, Nightingale Square near Scotland Road, Vauxhall, Liverpool 20, Lancashire, UK). He also changed his name from Clive Powell to Georgie Fame. 

John H. Warburg - 9/6/14







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