The Dominoes

Line Up

Jimmy Martin - lead
John Boffey - drums
Danny Lee - vocals
George Chamberlain - rhythm
Keith Battersby - bass

Nothing gave me a bigger kick than performing on stage in the 1950s with my group, initially named The Stalkers while we were touring the Liverpool scene but changed to The Dominoes with a different line-up when we moved to Manchester and the Domino Club, playing also at the sister venue the Princess Theatre Club in Chorlton.

Fabulous times with some of the great groups and top acts of the day, Joe Brown and the Bruvvers; Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas; Ian and the Zodiacs; Sid and Eddy who became Little and Large, so many Gerry Dorsey who became Engelbert Humperdinck.

The Dominoes lined up with John Boffey on drums, Keith Battersby on bass, George Chamberlain on rhythm and Jimmy Martin on lead, with me up front. Jimmy and I met our future wives at the Domino Club and in 1964 decided the time was ripe to settle down. The break-up was a sad affair but we'd enjoyed a terrific run.

I've tried real hard over the years to find Keith and Jimmy so I'm hoping one of your many readers might lead in the right direction.

Danny Lee - 30/3/18




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