Dixie's Donts

Line Up

  • Paul Julien - Vocals
  • Peter Buckley - Lead Guitar
  • Fred Power - Bass Guitar 
  • Ian Povey - Guitar/Keyboards 
  • Geoff Parker - Drums

We had great times doing gigs up and down the country with Dixes Donts and DJ / manager Dave Eager.We had a fan club based in Manchester run by two friends called Lol and Kath and it was very sucessful.

It would be nice to catch up with anybody associated with the band.

Ian Povey - Guitarist/Keyboards

Hi Ian. I am Lol of Lol and Kath...what great times we had back then. Dixie and Dave used to come round to my house to get away from the fans.

Kath and I went on to be dancers at the Top Ten Club, Belle Vue, with Dave and Jimmy Saville.

I am still in touch with Kath and Dave. Kath is down in Essex and Dave spends winters in Kerala, India and the summers here. He has a PR company.

I last saw Dixie in 1999. Last heard of living in Rossall near Blackpool.

I am in Stockport. Lots of great memories of the laughter and all the famous and soon to be famous people we met. Ii can't believe how time has flown. Hope life is treating you well.

Lol - 13/4/11

Hi Fred Power here - played bass with Dixies Dont. Still in contact with Pete Buckley, lost contact with Dixie, Ian, Geoff & Dave but still have the memories LOL to all Fender Fred

Fred Power - 18/9/11

Hi Lol and Fred
Good to hear from you both, hope you are both well, I exchange cards at Christmas with Pete but have lost contact with Dixie, Geoff and Dave but from your note Lol it sounds like Dave is doing well. As you said we all have great memories of the band and have seen artists on stage we used to support in the 60's. Great times.

Take Care of yourselves keep in touch.

Ian Povey - 28/9/11

Hi Paul, I just found your wonderful site. I see that Ian Povey and a few of the members of Dixies Donts have wondered where I went. Could you pass on my email add to them or tell them to look on face book for Paul Julian (Fleetwood) - thats where I live.

Paul (Dixie) - 23/12/12
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