The Dices (or Dicers?)


  • Vince - vocals
  • Ronnie Crowther -  rhythm
  • ? - lead
  • ? - drums 

I wonder if anyone remembers THE DICERS (or it could have been DICES). They were from the Blackley/Harpurhey area & played a very American rock style of music rather than the "Cliff & The Shadows" style.

They regularly played at St Andrews church hall youth club dance nights. As I remember their lead vocalist was Vince ??????? the rhythm guitar was (rockin Ronnie), Ronnie Crowther from Moston Lane area, the lead guitar played a buitifull Gretch white hawk (name unknown) but lived near the fire station in Blackley village. The drumer ?????? I cant remember him.

Vince & Ronnie joined THE SLEEPWALKERS after the DICERS dissbanded & we re- named ourselves to THE BOSTON Ts. It would be nice to know if anyone has any info.

Ken Porter - 8/5/13







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