Design - Oldham

Line Up

  • Paul Merideth - bass
  • Barry Duckworth  - drums
  • Mick Ward - vocals
  • Alan Mills - guitar

A regular band at St Marks, Chadwick, Oldham was Design. I lived over the top of our shop Gifts Galore on Union St, Oldham and Design use to practice over the shop next door. I was in my element but my mum wasn't pleased with the noise.

Does anybody remember Design? Top band.

Lorraine   23/12/11

Hello Lorraine

Design first started at Oldham Art School. There was this band called The Blues Keepers in the class higher up than me and Paul..and we couldn't have that - we wanted to be better than them and get all their girls.

Unfortunately they turned out to be one of the biggest selling bands in Europe, Barclay James Harvest. We never did get their girls.

We started as The Designers, then The Design, then Design, then This Generation ... and finally we blossomed into Pepper Tree/Ferret.

The shop we used to practice over was Paul Meredith's mums, she managed a wallpaper shop that would be about 1967/8. It was like an empty flat and was directly facing the Oldham Hotel. We used to be able to practice anytime.  The band then was Mick vocals,Paul bass+ vocals, Alan lead guitar+vocals, and Baz on drums

Alll our history is on Manchester Beat together with a link to You Tube...where you will find us under Pepper Tree aka Ferret.

Baz (Pepper Tree) 24/12/11






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