The Deltones (Castleton/Rochdale)

Line-up included

  • Keiron Connell - lead guitar 
  • John Bracewell - drums
  • Mick Humphrey - rhythm
  • Trevor McCollough - vocals
  • Derek ?  - bass Ex."Tremors" Middleton
  • David Kay - keyboard


Image courtesy John Bracewell


I was a founder member of the Deltones (the ones from Castleton/Rochdale). We worked extensively around the North West and worked with many big bands of the time.

I was a founder member of what later became the Travellers (by the way they are having a re-union do at Bamford Cricket Club today, I believe that members of the Angels and the Cyclones plus a performance from the Travellers and the Exit is to take place).

I digress, Dougie Lawton, myself and Mick Slater got together at school to form a band, I fell out with Mick and along came Dave Brierley (Dave and I are still good friends and keep in touch), then Ian Smith joined (from the Confederates I think) finally Dave Fitton joined up and they became the Travellers. I went in a different direction and set up the Deltones.

I shall sit down and write you some words plus I have many photos. Just out of interest I found a listing on your site (I think it was Mr Smiths) of bands, the list shows the Deltones playing support to some bands (The Pirates, The Vibrations) that was us we worked Mr Smiths a lot.

I particularly remember the Pirates as J Kidd didn't turn up but the three of them put on a good show even if the cutlass they threw into the floor on arrival didn't stick in (they had three attempts if I remember correctly).

Kieron Connell

I was the keyboard player with The Deltones and have many happy memories of my time with them. Kieron and I have been emailing each other recently after many years of 'just getting older'. Kieron sent me a recording that he did of us and it still sounds good. When I left The Deltones, I joined a Heywood band called the The Pennine Five, they were great times too.

If anyone out there remembers me or the bands, then an email would be very welcomed.

David Kay  - 22/7/10












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