Del-Rios (Salford)

Around approximately 1962 in Salford, a local group called The Del Rios used to play frequently at Lower Broughton British Legion,on Great Clowes St, opposite the old army barracks building, when I was a 13 year old star struck youngster going to youth clubs.

Can't remember any of the names of the musicians but think they may possibly have taken their group name from a play on words of a top Salford group of the early 60's called The Con Brios.

Can remember The Del Rios always went down well with us youngsters but cannot recall any of the numbers they played.
Old age and memory lapse am afraid.

Does anybody out there remember this group? Somebody must.

Dave Anderton - Drummer in The BeatLeague and The Principals - 15/10/11

How suprised am I to discover this enquiry.

My name is Dennis Morris and I was the drummer with the Del-Rios. 

The original line up when I joined as the baby of the band was Les Bailey (guitar vocals), Jeff (lead guitar) and Tony Brough (bass). I cannot for the life of me remember Jeff's surname.

Anyway. Les and Jeff left the band and Tony and me reformed with Pete Cottam on lead guitar and vocals. We had a good run as a three piece doing weddings clubs and pubs with a very enjoyable stint as resident band at The Spinner on Oldfield Road Salford.

I left when I moved out of the area in 1967. I don't think the lads continued after that.

Dennis Morris - 1/11/11

Hello Dennis, I too was surprised to see this page, glad to hear your still alive and kicking.

Those were happy days indeed, as you suspected, we did break up after you left. I went on to form a Caberet band called Jamie and the Deltones, the line up was Jimmy Power, vocals, Jack Shaughnessy, bass, Phil Wood of Piccadilly Radio fame, drums, and myself on lead guitar and vocals. I've not seen or heard from any of guys since with the exception of Phil Wood, so if any of you are still around, post your comments.

We played the Caberet scene mainly Manchester and Yorkshire for about 4 years and had reasonable success. I then left the group and the business and concentrated on my career in finance, Local Government, (still there part time). I still have my instruments at home just to keep my hand in, I could never give up music, play keyboards more these days rather than guitar. Regards

Peter Cottam - 5/1/12


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