Danny and the Strangers (Stalybridge/Dukinfield)





  • Danny (Joe Cox) - vocals
  • Harold Williams - rhythm
  • Ronnie Bentley - lead guitar
  • Warren Williams - bass guitar
  • Bob Parkinson - drums 
  • David Williams - manager
  • Barrie McKie - vocals

Ron Bentley (lead guitar), Warren Williams (bass guitar), Bob Parkinson (drums), Barrie McKie (Danny..vocals), Harold Williams (rhythm guitar).

The group were one of the first to start up in the Stalybridge/Dukinfield area - a couple of years before the Meteors, Bridgebeats etc. and must have inspired a lot of groups

Ronnie Bentley (lLead) was instrumental in getting the Meteors started and helped us a lot, and I was talking to one of The BridgeBeats the other day, and we were reminiscing how we got started and I couldn't believe it when he said "The lead guitarist from Danny & the Strangers gave us lessons"

Ronnie has a lot to answer for.

Ron Mitchell (The Meteors)








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