The Cyclones

Line-up included

  • Alan Kettle - vocals
  • Pete Maddock - drums
  • Arthur Barry - lead
  • Bob Henshaw - bass
  • Kevin Mottershead - rhythm
  • Paul Stafford - drums, replaced Pete
  • Bobby Harrison - vocals replaced Alan
  • Glynn - organ
  • Rob Parkes - drums

Started around 1963 with Bob Henshaw (Bass) and Pete Maddock (Drums). I had known Pete from School (Marple Hall) and we both went to the same youth club in Bramall. Pete knew Arthur Barry (Lead Guitar) and in turn Arthur introduced Alan Kettle (Vocalist). We did a few local club/pub gigs and started to venture further a field.

When The Blue Diamonds split (Chris Barry, Arthur’s brother was their lead guitarist) Kevin Mottershead (The Blue Diamonds Rhythm player) joined us.

When Pete was unavailable Bob Parkes used to stand in on drums for us and I remember picking him up with his kit and him playing at Belle View with us at the age of11, what a magical drummer.

That was when the real fun began: We began to gain a following and started to play as support group to many of the top bands of the time. We also had a change of personnel with Paul Stafford replacing Pete Maddock on Drums. Some memorable Gigs: Oceans 11 Club with Them (Van Morrison), New Century Hall with Lulu (backed by the Echoes) The Princess Club Chorlton with Brian Pool and the Tremolo’s (I still have their autographs on a Cyclones card) Worsley Civic Hall with Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas, Top ten Club (Belle View) with Jimmy Savile, Warrington Co Op Hall with The Brian Auger Trinity (before Julie Driscoll).


Kevin was planning to get married shortly after this (to Pauline) and we started looking around for a replacement. We found a keyboard player called Glynn (sorry cant remember his surname) we used to rehearse in the upstairs room of the Brookfield pub on the corner of Longshut Lane in Stockport. When Kevin heard we had an ‘organist’ he delayed his plans and we were back to a five piece band.

Glynn Left and we were joined by Bobby Harrison on lead vocals, who always turned up immaculately dressed and wowed the ladies, especially at the gigs in the suites at Belle View.

Well all good things have to come to an end and in 1967 the Cyclones disbanded. Arthur’s parents were going back to the USA and he had decided to go with them, Kevin could not delay his marriage plans any longer and I was getting increasingly busy at work so was not getting home until around 7 p.m. Too late to start loading gear and playing till the early hours.

Epilogue: - Arthur became a minister of the church in the USA and was back in the UK to organise a drop in centre in Manchester. This was around 1990. We leaned that Alan Kettle had terminal cancer so decided to organise a reunion gig at Hazel Grove Civic Hall to raise funds for Christy Hospital where Alan was receiving treatment. It went down really well and we managed to raise £400 in the one night.



How nice to get a mention afer all these years !! I remember well playing with the Cyclones at Belle Vue, and the co-op dance halls etc. I was only 11 at the time, and it was quite a big deal for a young kid to play with such a great group.

I changed my stage name to Robert Young and went on to play with cabaret bands, and was in the original Sweet Dreams, we had a No 10 hit in 1974. I am still in touch with Bob Harrison who is still a great guy and looks well. I am now living in Blackpool and still working (singer/ agent). Have a look at my website 

I remember Mr Barry picking me up in his Zodiac to take me to rehearse with the Cyclones. What great, innocent, (mainly !) and fantastic days they really were. You just don't see kids these days wanting to play instruments, just a few crappy dance steps and backing tracks and anyone can now call themselves a "band".

Best wishes to you all !! 

Bob Parkes  - 25/7/11

My second wife (Christine) and I were married in 1991 in Butte, Montana by Arthur Barry.

Before the ceremony we had to go to the town hall in Butte to get the licence. Right opposite the town hall was a gents outfitters called ‘The Toggery’. Sadly it was closed so could not go in and ask lots of questions. That had to have been opened by someone who was in the Stockport area in 1960/61.

Brought back earlier memories - I was at the opening of the Toggery in Stockport when Pete MacLaine and the Dakotas played upstairs in the big window.

In July 2009 Arthur and Sandy celebrated their 40th Wedding anniversary and their kids bought them a ticket back to the UK as they wanted to complete the Wainwright Coast to Coast walk (St Bees Head to Robin Hoods Bay). So once again the Cyclones played together (with original drummer Pete this time) just for fun.

On 16th May 2011, to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, Chris and I flew to Rochester (New York) and drove to stay with Arthur and Sandy at their house in the Finger Lakes area of New York State. On Friday 27th May we returned to them and went to the restaurant where Arthur plays acoustic guitar and sings. I was privileged to do a short guest spot with Arthur dueting on Everley Brothers songs.

What is it they say about old musicians? Their instruments just get rusty. What a Wonderful World!

Bob Henshaw  - 11/7/11

Wow! Fancy finding this at last, it fills a missing slot in my life in music.

I remember having split from the Blue Diamonds, I was asked to join The Cyclones, and jumped at it as Arthur and Kevin were already very good pals,and were both super players.

Am in touch with Arthur and his brother Chris who lives in Whitly Bay,and writes music for film and other genresand he is very good.

If anybody still has contact with Kevin I would love to hear frm him on 07985300877. Wishing all of you chaps the best for the future, keep rockin.

PS Hi to Bobby Parkes - a great entertainer.xx

Bob Harrison - 26/9/11








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