Line-up may have included 

  • Terry Betts - Bass
  • Lol Creme? - Lead
  • Peter Havery - Rhythm
  • Dave Ward (later Picadilly Radio dj) - Drums
  • Mike Harding? - Guitar
  • Trevor Jones - Guitar

A Beatmakers memory . They backed Bo Diddley at the Oasis in '64 - two guitars, bass, drums .

It was a great show. I was up front checkin out the Duchess! Jerome was playin Maraccas but The Duchess - Wow! Her name was Norma Jean Wofford . 

Sad news of the passing of the aforementioned 'Duchess' Bo Diddley's Girl Guitar playing sensation from 1962-1966.

Those who saw her will always remember her stunning gold lame' Cat suits and her fringed 'Twist dresses !! She toured U.K in 63' and 64 with Bo and was backed by the Beatmakers at the Oasis, as I recall.

She passed way April 30th 2005 in California - originally from Pittsburgh and her name was Norma Jean Wofford. She left Bo's act in 1966 to get married and her married name was Richardson. She played on 3 LP's by Bo - 'Beach Party', ' Bo Diddley And Company' and 'Bo Diddley Is A Lover' . She is immortalised in the Animals' 'The Story of Bo Diddley ' tune.

Also, I am sure it was Lol Creme on lead guitar.

David Bowker


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