The Beat League

info courtesy Dave Anderton


  • Gordon Campbell - vocals
  • Judd Williams - lead
  • Ernie Avalon - rhythm
  • Dave Anderton - drums
  • Terry Irvine - bass
  • Dave Baldwin - vocals


I was 14 year old drummer in group called The Beat League. Lead guitar-Judd Williams, rhythm guitar-Ernie Avalon, lead singer-Gordon Campbell replaced by Dave Baldwin and bass guitar-Terry Irvine (Good Guys - 1984/1985).

Yes, Terry was fastidious about his snappy dressing clothes even then. Terry's sister Madelaine, Delene for short, was Judd's girlfriend at the time.

Dave Anderton

That 14 year old drummer, Dave Anderton, outside the Royal British Legion on Great Clowes Street, Salford.  Most of the Salford bands played there in the early to late '60s. Most notably Pete and the Rebels, Dave Barron and the Chariots (later Sweet Chariot wit Pete Oliver, Ronnie Grundy etc). Lack of road traffic in 1964 wasn't there?


 Drums - Dave Anderton. Now a mature 16 year old man of the world, ready for the onslaught of female adoration.
Lead - Judd Williams. Did George Harrison model his style on Judd?
Rhythm - Ernie Avalon
Singer - Dave Baldwin who had replaced Gordon Campbell.
Bass - Pete ? who had replaced Terry Irvine who had joined The Good Guys. Can't remember Pete's surname but he lived in Crumpsall.

This photo was taken late 1965. Can't remember the venue but what about the Beatles Fab 4 wallpaper? It was somewhere in Salford. Mega or what? 

Left to right

Bass - Terry Irvine (who later joined the Good Guys) 
Rhythm - Ernie Avalon (real name Ernie Hatley)
Drums - Dave Anderton ( Who is that 14 year old drummer?
Terry Irvine was going to Salford art college at the time and painted the motif on the bass drum head. There is a picture of the Good Guys on the site and I strongly suspect Terry may have painted that bass drum head as well).
Lead - Judd Williams
Singer - Gordon Campbell

The picture was taken in 1964 at The Royal Archer pub on Lower Broughton Road in Salford.

How's about that then? The old zebra crossing on Great Clowes Street and junction of Silk Street and the Adelphi in Lower Broughton. Maybe The Beatles saw this photo which gave them the idea for the Abbey Road iconic photo on the zebra. Obviously the Beat League beat them to it. 

Terry with bass, Judd Williams with Hohner Amazon lead guitar and Dave with the sticks and snare.

Image generously supplied by Terry Irvine 


It was really great to see these photos of the band and my brother Terry. I remember them practicing in our house in Camp St, Lower Broughton. I wonder where these guys are now?

Madeline (Deline) - 26/10/09


Firstly, Terry Irvine the bass player phoned me at home. Was on for approximately one and a half hours reminiscing. Neither of us could believe that 45 years have elapsed since we last spoke. We are going to arrange a meeting to further catch up on what has happened. It was unbelievable. Terry challenged me to find Judd Williams the lead guitarist and Gordon Campbell the vocalist.

She made me phone her nephew George (Judd) who I haven't seen or spoken to for approx 40 years. He was totally and utterly gob smacked. Needless to say we will be meeting up in the near future. He was amazed when I told him Terry had phoned me the previous evening. 

Dave Anderton

How about this photo taken in a local bar on the Costa Blanca?The man in the middle has still got a great voice and style that will outshine any of the present day "stars". Still a major attraction.

On the left, looking at photo, is myself Dave Anderton. On the right is my grandaughter, Kate. She is a big fan of my good friend in the centre and loves to watch and listen to him performing.

Yes, for all you music afficionados and lovers of the best of 60's pop culture, If you haven't already guessed it's non other than WAYNE FONTANA.

Wayne still sings numbers in the style and arrangements they were originally done. He doesn't play around and murder them. He sings songs as they were meant to be sung and his voice and style is quite amazingly unique.

What a brilliant performer he still is.

Dave Anderton - Drummer in The BeatLeague and The Principals - 28/11/11 



Had a brilliant night on Friday 10th Aug 2012.

Mike Amatt, Diccon Hubbard, Geoff Foot, Paul Rogers (whose brother Terry was drummer with Sunshine) and myself, Dave Anderton, went over to Stretford to visit Lynda Mawdsley and her two special friends. Lynda and the girls contributed to a brilliant night of music, photos of the last four decades of Geoff, Mike and Diccon, nostalgia, reminiscing, food, drink, entertainment and constant laughter.

A brilliant night enjoyed by all of us. It was one of those special nights you never want to end.

Have to thank everybody who was there, especially Lynda, for contributing to make a terrific night.

First photo
L to R - Mike Amatt, Geoff Foot, Lynda Mawdsley, Diccon Hubbard with Evis on the far right

Second photo
L to R - Mike Amatt, Geoff Foot, Diccon Hubbard and Elvis

Dave Anderton - (Drummer with The BeatLeague and The Principals) - 10/9/12





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