Phil Woodbine

I knew Phil very well when I worked at the Oasis.

His correct name was Phil Cooper and he called himself Phil Woodbine because he was about 6.2" and woodbine cigs were long and thin in those days.

He lived on Oxford St, Chadderton/Oldham with his mother, sister (she became a police officer), his father was the caretaker of a school on Oxford St.

When he retred they moved to a house opposite the power station on Broadway, Oldham.

During the day, Phil worked as a salesman for Pye records in Manchester. The last I heard of Phil, he was living in America. 

Harry Procter 8/2/10

Phil is not in America but runs 'Legends Racing' out of Angelsey a very sucessful motor racing series having previously been International Director of Island Records for many years.

Tony Powell 18/8/10

I worked with Phil Woodbine at Pye Records for a number of years and he and I did an amazing gig together for Pye at Warrington Co-op Hall???? working as Phil Woodbine and Alan Adamant. Thanks Manchester Beat for reviving great memories from 50 years ago.

Alan Fullelove 19/5/12

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