Greg Edwards

One of the true pioneers of UK radio and Soul music, Greg Edwards has had an illustrious career helping to bring a new sound and approach to broadcasting. Famous for being instrumental in bringing Soul music to the UK on a large scale, Greg also fostered many acts who would go on to make musical history.

Before his time in radio, Greg was a DJ at both Manchester's Time &  Place and Explosion and an executive at CBS Records where he was responsible for marketing and promotion of Soul music on their custom labels.

Greg has since worked for many different radio stations such as BBC Radio One and Capital FM. When he joined Capital FM, Greg decided to implement a show he had been thinking of producing for years where all, or most, strands of black origin music would be presented in an entertaining and positive way. From this notion, ‘Soul Spectrum’ was born and would continue until Greg left Capital fourteen years later.

Now on Mi-Soul, Greg brings his wealth of musical knowledge and broadcast experience to strengthen the station’s already strong broadcasting capabilities. Expect a high energy show with music from across the spectrum of Soul.

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