Les Thorpe

I have lived in Spain now for may years and often have a little nostalgic trawl through the MB website and it is amazing who's name pops up from the 'old days'.

I was having a read today about the old agents and on the list is my old Dad - Les Thorpe.

We had lived in the Heatons (Stockport) for years and Dad had run a dance band for donkeys years in the Stockport and Manchester areas. I can remember the 'band' as a child. Johnny Pomfret (Drums) Dave Mangan (Piano) Jay Leslie (Trumpet, I think) Nat Swerling(Sax) and Big Reggie Cohen(Bass) - were some of the characters in the 'band', while old Les himself sort of ran things (usually at the bar with a large scotch looking for more bookings for the band and his artists).

I can't remember any particular artist he managed or booked but he knocked around with some of the finest musicians around at the time and knew all the city centre characters in Manchester. Les could always be found in the Cromford Club, the Wilton and a jazz club over Burtons on Oldham St/Ancoats whose name I can't remember.

Sadly Les passed away many years ago but stuck with the band and his scotch till the end.

Chris Thorpe

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