John Smart Entertainments (Bury)

I have a couple of contracts off agents that are not in your list and as was usual in them days you sometimes worked for agents that you never saw so would not have known them if you had met them.  That was the great thing about Brian Mills he was friendly and aproachable.

Anyway one of these agents was John Smart entertainments 4 Langdale Drive Sunnybank Bury. The clubs on my contract were Rafa club, Spa hotel, Monton Trades and Labour, St Bonifaces Borough Social Failsworth cycling club and The Spinners.

My other contract was from J T Promotions Gloucester Rd  Urmston and was for  The Piper which if memory serves me right was a restaurant in Preston and was a full weeks work for the grand sum of £50 which wasn't bad for 1972.      

Al Richie 12/3/11  

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