ACE Artistes Agency

Madame Ace - she used to phone me "darling, could you....?" Never met her and the rumour was that she lived in her bed - but a lovely person to deal with.

Stuart Brown aka Wilson 24/12/12 

I gigged for MADAM ACE for many years in the 70s and 80s when you phoned her she would always have 2 or 3 gigs for you to choose from. There was a guy in a very well spoken voice called PIKEY who would sometimes answer the phone, never quite knew the set-up there? Met many old stars at the end of their careers through MADAM ACE AGENCY like Denis Lotis, Jimmy Clitheroe, Charles Hawtrey and dozens of great musicians trying to make a crust. 

Thinking about 'Madam Ace' she had been a very good singer herself probably during the late 40's and 50's where she went under the name of Claire di Castro I believe. Hence the official name of the agency "ACE ARTISTES AGENCY"   Another amazing thing was most of the 'gigs' I got were usually around tea-time or later on Saturday, I could only guess that the clubs had been let down at the last minute with an organist or in my case a drummer. That was the life being on the agency  'books' you certainly took the rough with the smooth !  I would do it all again but this time round with a personal 'roadie' to help with carrying my drum kit in and out of the clubs and pubs. Great days eh ?  

John D Mills 1/1/13

My Father was a club and pub singer in the 1950's and 1960's and worked exclusively for Madame. His stage name was Gordon Reid.

She was a lovely lady and as a young boy would talk to me without worry about the time, when she phoned to give my Dad bookings. Although I never met her face to face I feel I knew her very well.

When at 15 I started as a DJ at a youth club she showed interest and always asked me questions. Then when her venues started looking for DJ's in the late 60's she gave me the work, which turned me into a professional. I will always have fond memories of her and will always be grateful for her kindness and love. I'm also sure I can say that as well on behalf of my late Father. 

Gordon Collins 11/3/13

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