Kilroy's Club (Manchester CBD)

Kilroy's Club was in Dantzic Place of Dantzic Street, Shudhill, Manchester 4 and opened in 196? Kilroy's Club was going from the early to mid 1960's.

In the late 60's the club was brought by Ted Barry (b. Edward Barry) and his wife Mrs. Vera Barry, who owned The Magic Village at 11 Cromford Court off Market Street, Manchester 4. Kilroy's Club later became The Silver Moon.

In 1971 or 1972 Pete Farrell (b. Peter Farrell) brought The Silver Moon and Farrell and his wife renamed it as Patties. In 1975 Patties changed its name to Waves and the club's manager was Dave Degg (b. David Degg) and the resident D. J. was Graham Brooks.

John H Warburg October 2023

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