The Nobodies 

Line-up included 

  • Cass - vocals
  • Tony - bass
  • Ronnie - drums
  • Barry - sax 


The Nobodies where friends of mine (original line up} Tony the bass player now lives in South Africa, Ronnie the drummer joined the Black Abbots now retired living in Blackpool when I last met Cass (vocals) he was an Undertaker.

I dont know what happened to Barry ( sax player ) - think he was a taxi driver.

Stuart - 11/9/11

Sitting thinking about the ''60s and how many great groups there were that never made it to 'the top', so to speak. Remember working with The Nobodies in Sunderland, probably '66 or so and being struck by both their professionalism and ability to entertain.

I was a stand-up comic - when I could stand up - who also sang a song or two during the act and was known professionally as Bobby Denver.

I have always found most Manchester acts and groups to be modest and easy to get on with. Would love to get hold of some info on The Nobodies, if they are still working all these eons later. All the best

Robert Smith Wright - 0/9/09 

I worked at Pontins holiday camp in Morecambe, `73 and`74 and The Nobodies were the resident band there. They released a single called (Oh how I love you)Alison/or Alice Ann. They were a good resident band and done quite a varied set of gigs.

My favourite was their version of Mcartneys Hi Hi Hi.

Not heard of them since but I did buy the single. Now,hmm where is it?

Michael Kelly - 8/9/10

I was a child of eight and a half in 1969; I was then from Texas and quite proud of it. I was on the Isle of Man and staying at the Castle Mona with Mum and Grandparents (all from Liverpool). I would stand outside of the Bar area to listen to the music, I was not allowed into the Bar Area. They played a few Beatles tunes and at that age I was gaga for the Beatles.

One evening I was allowed in for one singular song and I believe it was Hey Jude. I got to sit up front and for a few moments I was treated like a little princess while they sang for me. I guess that was what started me on the road to loving Musicians. My dear departed was a Bass Player.

I always enjoyed out trips to England and our mini vacations over to the Isle of Man.

I think the Gentleman on the far right with the big grin stage name was Cass? That's all I can remember it was a long long time ago. Best regards

Tonya Swinnea - 10/7/11 

I have a 7" single on LIGHTNIN records (no date ).

a.Warsaw Concerto
b.Alice Anne.

The b-side is very good and sounds current ? ie: indie / 60"S beat etc. Lost with the "Classical a-side tho ! ?

Thanks for the info, I suspect this record was released in 74" ?

Steve Hewitt - 10/7/11

I worked at Pontins in Morecambe in 1967. The Nobodies were the resident band at the time and very good they were. I sang a few times with them - they would always let me rehearse at lunchtime.

I saw them a couple of times in later years. Once at a nightclub in Mexborough in South Yorkshire. I went to talk to them,t hey were very friendly.

They were on New Faces - I think they might have even got through to the final. Happy memories. 

George - 9/7/12

I too worked at Pontins in 1967 and remember the Nobodies in the Sundowner lounge in the evenings. I'm afraid I don't remember George but I do remember Kathy who was from Manchester and often sang with them. I wonder where she is now. Happy times.

Jean - 29/10/12

I have just been informed that Cass died aprox 2 years ago (2011) INFO CAME FROM RONNIE HE DID NOT KNOW CAUSE OF DEATH.

Stuart - 2/9/13

I'm Ronnies daughter. I am always trying to find ways to get in contact with his old friends so if you know of anyone please make yourself noticed .

I have very early memories of the Black Abbotts which my Dad was in after the Nobodies or renamed. I'm not sure but what I remember they were AMAZING I always hoped they would have a reunion maybe one day - I can only wish.

Alexandra Taylor - 15/11/13

I knew the Nobodies , particularly Cass, in the early '70s when I was living quite near him just outside Bury. A friend of mine knew all the lads well and we went on several gigs with them, one in particular I remember was supporting Tom O'Connor.

They were particularly known for their comedy/music act but were great musicians in their own right. Cass' rendition of Warsaw Concerto was so moving it sent tingles up your spine. I sadly lost touch with them over 20 years ago when I moved back 'down South' but have always admired their talent determination. I believe they got to the semi finals of New Faces and came second to Les Dennis!

I am very saddened and shocked to hear of the death of Cass, he was a relatively young man and his talent will be sorely missed. I send my regards to all the lads and thank them for giving so much fun and pleasure to so many.

Maurice Churchill-Coleman - 24/12/13

I also remember the Nobodies when they were the resident group at Pontins in Morecambe. We were holidaying with a group of children from a residential nursery in Manchester. All the nursery staff enjoyed listening to the band . I also bought their record Alice Ann , just been singing it in my head. I often wondered what happened to them.

Dianne Reddy - 10/1/14



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