Johnny Scarlett and The Gamblers - Blackpool/Fylde Coast

Johnny Scarlett & The Gamblers


Johnny Scarlett and The Gamblers 

  • Ron Pritchard R.I.P - Rhythm
  • Tony Rea - Lead
  • Frank Carter - Bass (not in photo)
  • "Big" Graham Dean - Drums
  • Johnny Scarlet - vocals 

The Gamblers

  • Ron Pritchard R.I.P - Rhythm
  • Tony Rea - Lead
  • Frank Carter - Bass
  • Harry Parr - Drums
  • Alf Kelly - vocals

The "Gamblers" were one of Blackpool's favourite bands. They worked all the pop concerts at the south pier with Marty Wild, Joe Brown, Vince Eager, Johnny Kidd, to name just a few. They also worked at the Winter Gardens with The Rolling Stones, The Fourmost, The Moody Blues & The Rocking Vicars.

They where also the resident band at the Picador Club, Bloomfield Rd.

Anyone who remembers us please leave your email.

Tony Rea - 16/12/10


There you are folks.....That there is myself (Lead guitar just above Johnny Scarlett).

Ron passed away a few years ago. Graham died also I'm not sure when. R.I.P Ronnie & Graham.

Tony Rea aka Tony Garcia - 18/2/13

Johnny Scarlett, is STILL currently working the northern club circuit, as the "Johnny Scarlett band" ( Bloody Grabbers.) & an excellent sound they have too.

After Johnny left the "Gamblers" way back in the 60's he gave up the business to become a prison officer. I lost contact with him for quite a number of years but thanks to the advent of the www I was able to contact him again & we are still in touch with each other to this day.

I will ask him if there is anything that HE would like to contribute to this site, he has photos, bi-ops etc.

Tony Garcia - 24/2/13





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