Technique  (1965 -1972) 

Line-up included 

  • Derek McCulloch - lead guitar and vocals
  • Ian Wrigley - organ and vocals
  • Les Andrew - drums
  • Stuart Adams - bass and vocals 

I was a drummer with the group 'Technique' - sometimes called 'Manchester Technique' (we lasted seven years from 1965 -1972) - the group consisted of Derek McCulloch - lead singer and lead guitar, Ian Wrigley - organist and back-up vocals, Stuart Adams - bass guitar and back-up vocals and me as drummer ( they kept the microphones well away from me - I was tone deaf!) - later in our career, our agent was 'Ugly Ray Terrret' (Spelling) - he wrote a song called 'No, No, No, No' which we recorded

It was great to see the picture of Pete Summerscales - featured in your article - he played with my brother Kevin Andrew in a group (can't remember the name, but they had a great bass player!)

Les Andrew


image courtesy Chris Selby - Slade - 1969 and all that.



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