Stuart Charles String Band

Stuart Charles was also with The Silks, Life 'n' Soul and Rumble Fat Band 

I'm on the floor after stumbling across this!  I interviewed Charles at his job (Lewis's?) in 1965/66 while working at the Salford City Reporter. I believe the piece here, "Pop - But It's All String"
is a reprint of my story from the Reporter. What a blast from the past ...

Jack Grimshaw - Dana Point, Southern California - 30/12/13 


Amazing photo! The picture showing Eddie Rogers as the drummer.

This photo has just triggered memories of almost 50 years ago. Can't believe there is a photo showing him.

Eddie was drummer in a group called Pete and The Rebels. Frequently played at The Royal British Legion on Great Clowes Street, Lower Broughton. I used to sit at the front of the club on youth nights,not talking but listening to and watching Eddie play. All I could think of was "One day I'll be on that stage behind my own drum kit". I lived almost opposite the club at 9 Gordon St from being a child until I was 21 year old when my parents moved from Salford to Rochdale.

It was listening to Eddie that gave me the passion to start drumming that has led to a life long interest in music.

I still talk about Eddie Rogers to friends and how my life changed for the better due to him.

I have heard many drummers over the last 50 years, including big names, but Eddie was the best I have ever heard.

To say he was brilliant is an understatement.
Within 12 months of first hearing him play, I was drumming with local Salford group, The BEATLEAGUE as a 14 year old.
We played frequently at the "Legion" and I always used to laugh and think "One day............"

When I had my first drum kit,an Olympic, before Judd Williams asked me to join the BeatLeague, I had the name THE REBELS printed on the bass drum head in honour of Eddie Rogers.

Now if that's not being an anorak, I don't know what is? Mr Saddo or what?

I still have an 8 piece Ludwig kit in spare bedroom,but haven't played for years. Don't think the neighbours would be too impressed.

Eddie Rogers,my son,I am deeply indebted to you.

Thank you for triggering my passion for drums and music in general. I have had a lifetime of music enjoyment thanks to you.

Dave Anderton - Honorary Rochdalian after 40 years living here but still a true, proud Salfordian - The BeatLeague - 21/4/10

I remember the the band well, Wednesday night at the Cong Youth Club, after a short time the room used to get full. Ronnie Edgerley the church secretary did not what hit him.

I can still hear them singing Midnight Hour now, happy days.

Stuart Paisley - 12/10/12

I remember as a young lad , going to Joey's as we called it - St Joseph's Catholic school Salford.

Saturday night Life n Soul. Stuart Charles made me feel really grown up with brilliant music. Also the brilliant Ode to Billy Jo.

Thank you boys.

Ken Wright - 14/11/13
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