Club/Venue Opening dates

Our thanks for this great research by John T. Warburg


 Friday, October 19, 1928: Opening night of The Bolton Palais de Dance in Bridge Street, Bolton, Lancashire


Friday, December 16, 1932: Opening night of The Astoria Ballroom in St. Mary's Way, Rawtenstall, Lancashire 


Wednesday, December 11, 1957: Opening night of The Moulin Rouge at 537 Liverpool Road, Ainsdale, Southport, Cheshire


Monday, April 25, 1960: Opening night of Guys and Dolls at 12 Kennedy Street off Cooper Street, Albert Square, Manchester 2

Wednesday, June 1, 1960: Opening night of The (Victory) Northwich Memorial Hall in Chester Way, Northwich, Cheshire when it was handed over to the Northwich Urban District Council

Friday, July 15, 1960: Opening night of The 2J's Jazz Club at 45-47 Lloyd Street off Albert Square, Manchester 2 with Jazz drummer Ray Ellington (1916 - 1985) supported by Dave Wilson and his Dixieland Band

Sunday, October 16, 1960: Opening night of The 229 Club at 229 Stamford Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire with The Kirk Jovisson Jazzmen.

Sunday, November 13, 1960: Opening night of The New Levenshulme Sporting Club at 699 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester 19 with Michael Holliday with the Trebletones, The Ray Ellington Quartet with Carol Simpson, Edna Savage, Neville Taylor and Johnny 'Goon' Tweed.

Tuesday, November 29, 1960: Opening night of The Three Coins at 64 Fountain Street off Market Street, Manchester 2 with Eduardo Martinez and his Steel Band


Friday, February 17, 1961: Opening night of The Cresta Club at 25a Warren Street, Andrew Square, Stockport, Cheshire with John Kennedy, The Comer Brothers, Susan Collins, Roy Stevens and The Keith Allen Trio.

Monday, February 27, 1961: Opening night of The New Jazz Club at The Empire Social Centre, Factory Lane, Harpurhey, Manchester 9 with Mick Mulligan and his Band, George Melly and The Gladiators.

Wednesday, March 1, 1961: Opening night of The New College Jazz Club at The College Theatre Club, Coupland Street, Hulme, Manchester 15 with Paul Beattie and the Beats and Johnny Peters and the Crestas.

Thursday, May 4, 1961: Opening night of The Cheadle Conservative Club at 24 Stockport Road, Cheadle Village near Stockport, Cheshire with The Teenbeats

Friday, July 7, 1961: Opening night of The Palladium Club in Collyhurst Street, Collyhurst, Manchester 40 with Mike Preston, The Gaytones, Johnny 'Goon' Tweed, The Solitaires, Terry Kaye, Dorothy Fraser, The Dakotas, The Wright Brothers, Johnson and Morley, Steve Martin, Pat O'Hara, Bernard Manning.

Wednesday, July 26, 1961: Opening night of The Klub Koquette in Warren Street, Stockport, Cheshire with The Gladiators, 7pm - 11.30pm

Friday, October 20, 1961: Opening night of The Dorsey Street Jazz Club at The Barbeque Club, 5 Dorsey Street off Tib Street, Manchester 4 with The Dorsey St. Jazzmen

Monday, October 23, 1961: Opening night of The House of Bamboo at 8 Canal Street off Chorlton Street near Piccadilly, Manchester 1.

Saturday, November 4, 1961: Opening night of The Oasis Club at 45-47 Lloyd Street off Albert Square, Manchester 2 with Dick Charlesworth and his City Gents with Jackie Lynn

Friday, November 17, 1961 Opening night of The Bamboo Club at 83 London Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire with The Tony Foulkes Dallas Band.

Sunday, December 17, 1961: Opening night of The Top Twenty Club at The Rex Ballroom at 23-25 Alderley Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire with The Fabulous Fourtones.


Sunday, January 7, 1962: Opening night of The Mersey Club at The Mersey Hotel, Princess Road, West Didsbury, south Manchester 20 with The Skyliners

Friday, April 6, 1962: Opening night of The Raven Club at 210a Turncroft Lane, Offerton, Stockport, Cheshire with Ricky Young And The Fourtones

Wednesday, April 24, 1962: Opening night of The Hi-Fi Dance Club at 28 Richmond Street off Sackville Street, Manchester 1 from 7.30pm to 12pm

Saturday, April 28, 1962: Opening night of The Whiskey A GoGo Disco Club at The Higher Broughton Assembly Rooms, 300 Great Cheetham Street, Salford 7, Cheshire

Sunday, May 20, 1962: Opening night of The Railway Jazz Club in Station Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire with Allan Dent's Jazzmen from 7.45pm

Thursday, June 28, 1962: Opening night of The Casino Pigalle Club at 10/14 New Brown Street, Manchester 4 with The Mel Stephens Trio.

Saturday, September 1, 1962: Opening night of The Higher Broughton Assembly Ballroom at 300 Great Cheetham Street, Higher Broughton, Salford, Lancashire with Jimmy Justice and the Exchequers, Johnny Martin and the Tremors, Vin Atherton and the Jazzmen.

Friday, November 30, 1962: Opening night of The Jungfrau Club at 24-36 Cathedral Street, Manchester 1 

Thursday, December 13, 1962: Opening night of The Devil's Cave at 1220 Oldham Road, Newton Heath, Manchester 10


Friday, January 27, 1963: Opening night of The Twisted Wheel Club at 30 Brazennose Street off Albert Square, Manchester 2 and opened with The Karl Denver Trio, The Skyliners and Dean West and the Hellions

Sunday, May 5, 1963: The Top Ten Dance Club was in The New Elizabethan Ballroom at The Belle Vue Zoological Gardens, Hyde Road, Gorton, Manchester 12 with Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers and Pete Maclaine and the Clan

Saturday, October 26, 1963: Opening night of The Rowntrees Sound in Corporation Street, Manchester 4.

Friday, November 10, 1963: Opening night of The Sunday Star Club in Crewe, Cheshire with The Rolling Stones, Frankenstein and the Monsters, The Crestas


Friday, March 6, 1964: Opening night of The Top Twenty Club at Tollbar House, Ashton New Road off Market Street, Droylsden, Lancashire now Manchester 41, Greater Manchester with Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders

Thursday, April 16 1964: Opening night of The Cubiklub in Slack Street, Rochdale, Lancashire with The Rolling Stones, David John and the Mood and The St. Louis Checks.

Saturday, May 23, 1964: Opening night of The Manchester Cavern at 11 Comfort Street off Market Street, Manchester 4 with The Four Pennies and Little Phil Swaggers

Friday, August 28, 1964: Opening night of The Beat City at 64 Fountain Street off Market Street, Manchester 2 with Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, The Traders and D.J. Jimmy Savile

Saturday, September 26, 1964: Opening Night of The Disc-A-GoGo Club at The Higher Broughton Assembly Rooms, 300 Great Cheetham Street, Salford 7, Cheshire with The Pretty Things


Monday, May 3, 1965: Opening night of The Towers Club in Lodge Lane, Warrington, Cheshire and opened on  with Hylda Baker, Danny Williams, Mike Yarwood, Kathy Martin and full supporting show.

Saturday, September 4, 1965: Opening night of The Birch Park Club in Anson Road, Rusholme, Manchester 14 with The Four Pennies supported by The Mighty Avengers

Saturday, September 18, 1965: Opening night of The Twisted Wheel Club at 6 Whitworth Street, Manchester 1 at their new address with The Spencer Davis Group supported by Ivan's Meads

Saturday, November 13, 1965: Opening night of The Jigsaw Club at 11 Comfort Court off Market Street, Manchester 4 with The Measles and The Mockingbirds from 7pm to 11pm


Monday, February 7, 1966: The Astoria Ballroom closed on this day with a final gig of The Clayton Squares, Mike Hurst with the Trekkers and The Firing Squad


Friday, February 10, 1967: Opening night of Salford University at 43 The Crescent, Salford, Lancashire

Friday, October 27, 1967: Opening night of La Bamba at 11 Comfort Street off Market Street, Manchester 4

Saturday, October 28, 1967: Opening night of Sloopy at 45-47 Lloyd Street off Albert Square, Manchester 2 with Life 'N' Soul, Waterboard and Bujjies this band's début gig

Monday, November 27, 1967: Opening night of The Octagon Theatre, Howell Croft South, Bolton, Lancashire, England


Saturday, March 9 to Sunday, March 10, 1968: Opening night of The Magic Village at 11 Cromford Court off Market Street, Manchester 4 with Jacko Ogg and the Head People. The group played 2 shows, 7.30pm - 11pm and 11.30pm - 7am

Sunday, November 17, 1968: Opening night of The MSG Blues Club at 8-10 Millgate, Manchester 3 at 8pm with The John Dummer Blues Band with Jo Anne Kelly


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